skin cleaning products damage the skin

Skin Cleansing and Care Considerations in the

Skin care should be taken in the right way is to use the right product. When purchasing products by paying attention to the active ingredients in the price that you must not forget. As can damage your skin very expensive product, very cheap product is able to be helpful in.

Not: of the active ingredients to do what I tell it to know what you need to know what works

Considerations When Buying Toner alcohols who Geka

When tonic in particular Denatured alcohol SD alcohol and make sure that writing. Alcohol is able to provide tight skin tonics. But in the content of the active ingredients to protect the skin destroys natural fat. Afterwards, acne, cracking and lubrication is seen.

Will be helpful to use a non-alcoholic tonics. Non-alcoholic tonic herbal extracts and aloe vera in the skin helps to calm down to take a live view

Beware of SLS-containing cleaning

Most of the products of shampoo and facial cleanser products are used in the SLS. Solve oil in the skin when they dry the skin. In studies of products containing SLS was observed that damage the skin.

Need to be Considered For Face Wash Soap

All of face wash soap disrupts the natural structure of the skin and the skin is dry.  To keep your skin clean, stay away from any product containing SLS.

Use of Oil Intensive Eye Cream

Intensive oil, mineral oil and paraffin eye cream containing products are abundant in. In the use of such creams around the eyes become irritated unwittingly. Cervre much more quickly irritated eyes wrinkled.

History History Products Attention

When buying skin care products, most users do not pay attention to the expiration date. However, do not use expired products are very harmful and prohibited Did you know that by the manufacturer. When buying these types of products do pay attention to the expiration date.